drowninginsensorypleasure asked:
Not a question. It's just to let you know how this has made me laugh. Keep up with the hilarity! ♥


gigi-tastic asked:
I may fail my final tomorrow but I don't care because I'm to busy dying from laughter. This may be the best thing ever after Nutella


sherlokii-d asked:
Just wanted to say I love this blog like Thomas loves trouble… I've gone through the whole thing and regret nothing! Thank you for your tremendous work <3

ICYMI: Internet Slang You Need To Know

solrosan asked:
If Program Anon still wants to know about a program I can offer Photoscape. It's free to DL and rather easy to use to make basic edits (really nothing fancy can be made, but it works for all my needs) and gifs. A lovely tutorial for the gifmaking and links to Photoscape DL can be found at Sherlockstuff's tumblr.

Thanks for the heads up!

Hilarious! Best Ever &#8216;Caught Staring&#8217; Photos

Anonymous asked:
I'm so bad with technology. Is there a program you use to make your posts?

Honestly, I just use MS Paint with the Courier New font using screen caps I grab from playing the DVDs on my laptop. I know, I know. Go ahead and laugh. I’m sure “the kids these days” use something much fancier but…

A) Unlike the whippersnappers on Tumblr, I was born in the late-’80s, so I grew up in the ’90s. Paint was what we had, and it’s pretty much all I know.

B) I used the free trial version in college, but I’m too cheap to invest in Photoshop for purely recreational use.

C) Paint seems to be working just fine! And it’s easy!

That how I do it. Maybe someone else has better advice?

Anonymous asked:
Wow, I shouldn't have read this at work. Everyone looked over at me when I started crying from laughing - whoops... They may have guessed I'm not doing anything productive. Anyway, you're awesome and finding this blog today was the equivalent of finding the perfect pair of pajamas!


Anonymous asked:
Where are all the new posts? New season doesn't inspire anyone?

I know, I’m so sorry. Things are crazy busy at work (moral of the story - don’t grow up, kids!) and my travel schedule means I’m behind on the latest season. So, unfortunately, the blog has taken a back seat. Once things settle down, I plan to load the queue again.

As always, submissions are so very welcome! In fact, I’ve got one coming your way. Enjoy!

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